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Since the break-up, The Mill's receptionist hasn't been herself and has been avoiding the church, but she finally reaches a turning point this week as she plucks up the courage to return to St Bernadette's.

Lorna Laidlaw, who plays Mrs Tembe, told : "Mrs Tembe's romance with Rev Gordon got a phenomenal response.

I went on a date with a seemingly pleasant gentleman to a restaurant in Washington, D. I actually think the guy picked this place, which was refreshing. This fucker had apparently traveled through Laos on some janky boat, and because of this, considered himself an expert in everything Laotian.

It took nearly 45 minutes to place our damn order, because he kept engaging the server in detailed conversations about the most obscure things on the menu, proving that he knew what they were, in an attempt to dazzle me with his vast knowledge of Laotian cuisine.

So instead, I suggested one of my favorite restaurants in the city I knew had great happy hour deals, and an impressive assortment of local beers on tap. Turns out the dude was already two vodka cranberry’s deep by the time I arrived fashionably late by a whopping two minutes. One of my personal favorites is a local chain called &pizza, where you can customize your pie and wait while it’s made right in front of you.

This my friends and readers is (in short) the definition of “Honesty.” So the question still remains, “What is the key to being honest (or at LEAST more honest than normal? Continue reading Hello again Good people and fans of my misery.

When people do try to hit on me, I am usually so surprised/terrified that I just run away.

That doesn’t mean great female culinarians don’t exist, because they totally do.

Some of my personal idols include Alex Guarnaschelli, a total sweetheart yet hardass known for her scrutiny as a judge on the show I’m not saying I’m even close to these professionals on the totem pole – I’m not an officially trained chef – but I do know a lot about food.

I’d like to HOPE this does not directly correlate to my looks, though I’m sure my big, dark, under-eye circles aren’t helping, haha.

I mean, when I am at bars, I am usually with my friends, and not focused on finding guys.

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