Women dating less attractive men

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What’s interesting is how women use height in gauging their attraction for men.It turns out that height, like many other factors, depends on the individual – their own physical characteristics and what they’re looking for in a mate. Let’s first start with the tendency for women to prefer taller men since this idea is a common expectation.They may be the perfect match on stage, but as far as looks go they are on opposite ends of the pool.Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Jay is definitely not one of the most attractive men.

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Isla Fisher is a knockout, but Sacha Baron Cohen isn't much in the looks department.

Even if Mary-Kate was 17 years older, we bet she'd still look way out of his league.

When Lorde shot to fame in recent years, she brought her boyfriend James Lowe into the spotlight with her, and sadly, people were brutal.

However, having a handsome husband or boyfriend is no barrier to the couple’s success, according to the study. Men trying to go out with women who look like Anne Hathaway (left) or Angelina Jolie, may be best advised to find someone who is the same level of attractiveness as themselves The phenomenon was spotted by British researchers who were studying whether it is true that we tend to pair up with those who are similarly attractive to ourselves.

Their findings could help explain why Angelina Jolie’s marriages to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton barely lasted three years a piece.

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