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Spiritual traditions and fertility rites focus on cultivation of the phallic yam, and Trobriand Islanders are said to condone sex between unmarried teen-agers, extramarital sex with multiple partners, and even the conquest of men by married women. The Trobriand Islands, a seldom-visited archipelago of 160 islands, are one of the planet’s last frontiers and remain relatively untouched by Western influence.

Mungo Park ™online adventure magazine, published by the Microsoft® Expedia ™ travel service ( , will conduct the first-ever online expedition to the Islands of Love with guest correspondent Dr. Culturally distinct from the rest of Papua New Guinea due to their matrilineal society, the inhabitants possess a form of modesty that Westerners find curious.

She has written numerous books, hosted a national radio call-in show, made scores of talk show appearances, and still maintains a private practice.

At the same time, she takes an active role in academics and currently is a professor at New York University. Ruth takes on the Internet as chief correspondent for Mungo Park in the Trobriand Islands, reporting her discoveries in daily written dispatches and audio commentary from the field. From what I’ve read, these people have a healthy appetite for sex,” Dr. “This is a culture that has not changed over the centuries, unlike Western culture.

For example, it is taboo for an unmarried man and woman to share a meal together, although premarital sex is accepted behavior.

America’s most trusted educator on love, sex and the family will make her first trip to the Trobriand Islands in October as a correspondent for Mungo Park to discover why they are called the Islands of Love.

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Becouse I'm down to earth person and can share or do whatever you want. I'm single but successful in career at a tender age.They clearly didn't take into account the great diving you can do or the fact that you can leave Port Moresby and fly up to the Highlands or off to a Pacific island for the weekend.Instead the report focused quite heavily on the poor security situation.This story was told to the program coordinator when she visited the community where a peer educator lived.The wife of the peer educator said he was 'a drunkard' and violent man before.

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