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User Updating Their Own Photo Users have permission to update their own thumbnail Photo attribute, so if you installed my AD Photo Edit program on their PC they would be able to use it to update their own photo (and no one else’s because they would just get an access denied error if they tried).Of course for the average end user this may be a little over complicated because all they basically want to do is select an image file and click a button and have it automatically select their account and upload the image.So with the explanation of Server Component States behind us, we come to the one time this becomes a reality for an Exchange Admin with one Exchange server. During a failed CU update the “Requesters” (Typically Maintenance and Functional) shutdown all Server Component States. Well, the Exchange server appears to be functioning exactly like it should.

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Exchange is becoming more of an enterprise product and much less of a small business email platform.

In the results pane, select the Offline Address Book tab. Exchange Server 2010 uses E-mail Address Policies, just like Exchange Server 2007.

Right here you’ll see that the ‘old’ 2003 Mailbox Server is the Offline Address Book generation server. The Move Offline Address Book wizard will appear, use the Browse button to select the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role as the new generation server. And, as with Exchange Server 2007 these are not compatible with the Recipient Policies used in Exchange Server 2003.

In Jaap's second article on upgrading straight from Exchange Server 2003 to 2010, he explains how to move the various services from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010 and fully decommission the Exchange Server 2003 servers.

In my previous article I explained the initial steps that are needed when you want to upgrade an existing Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange Server 2010.

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